Videos Featuring The Zero Shock™ Airbag

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Check out some cool videos of people using and having fun jumping on to a Zero Shock™ inflatable air bag. More videos will surely be coming soon.

2014 MTVU Fandom Awards

Dorito’s “Jacked Up Evel Knievel Jump”

Zero Shock™ at the Lion City Fair 2014 (Feria Leon 2014)

Zero Shock™ Stunt Man’s Airbag XTREME JUMP POV IAAPA 2013

Zero Shock FreeFall Stunt Jump

Zero Shock™ FreeFall Stunt Jump at the IAAPA Expo 2013

Wolf Stuntworks puts the Zero Impact bag from Inflatable 2000 through its paces.

Special FX International Introduces Zero Impact

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