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The preferred landing system currently used for the Motocross Industry is a foam pit, which has serious shortcomings.

Foam Catches Fire

Hot bikes land in foam rubber and sooner or later there’s going to be a fire. There’s no such problem with a Zero Shock™ air Bag system. The bike stays on top of the top sheet and the worst it will do if the exhaust lies on the fabric for a while is to melt the PVC. A bit of glue and a patch will fix it in five minutes. If it starts looking a bit patchy after a while – a new top sheet costs peanuts and is replaced in about one hour.

You Need A Crane to Get Out

Getting out of a foam pit with a bike is extremely difficult. Even getting out without a bike is extremely difficult! No such problem with the Zero Shock™ air bag system. Everything stays on the top sheet and you simply slide off.

The Foam Rubber Has to be Replaced Regularly

 The foam rubber deteriorates very rapidly in UV exposure and has to be replaced often at huge expense. And the job of replacing it requires a bio-hazard suit! It’s a mess! No such problem with the Zero Shock™ air bag systems. The PVC is made to resist UV and the structure will last a minimum of six years in the hot sun – more in temperate climates.

A Foam Pit is Non-Transportable

It stays where you build it which means that you do not have the ability to practice prior to important shows.

Zero Shock™ air bag systems are fully transportable which means that you would be able to erect it for practice prior to important events and then roll it up and stow in the back of a truck.

See How The Foam Pit Works?


There is a decent chance that at some point something bad will happen to those less experienced. That is not to say there are not professional motocross and bmx riders who injure themselves jumping in to foam pits. The Zero Shock™ impact prevention systems allows for fun, fast and confident runs.

Now See How Our Product Works

Krush Kushionz™ Extreme Sports Ramp

Notice in the above image how the rider has a much a longer range for landing confidently no matter their position while coming down. Zero Shock™ utilizes our patented Krush Kushionz™ (KK) technology. When a body lands on the top surface sheet,  a small amount of air within the tubes is immediately expelled into a bag in the base below when making impact.

Can You See Yourself Doing This?


Up, up and away! The above ramp could be used during practice sessions or competitions. Easily transportable, this product can be moved easily from event to event or  set up in a park or commercial property.

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