The Space Launcher

The concept is something like a diving board suspended  from two points overhead so that – when it swings – the board stays horizontal to the  ground. You may have seen this apparatus used in Cirque du Soleil!

You stand on the front of the platform, work up a swing and then launch yourself into space at the apex of the swing to see how far you can jump. A series of colored horizontal tubes serves as targets so you and your friends can easily see who won.

You can safely land onto the Zero Shock™ impact prevention system below. You are sure to get up and swing again every time.

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Space Launcher

Features & Variations

The Launcher

The Launcher requires anchors in the ground to hold the frame in place as people swing. There is a design for an anchor-less version – just ask.

How high you can jump depends on the size of the frame. If you have adrenaline junkies as your target market – talk to us about building and Adrenaline Model to suit your purposes.

The Mini Launcher

The Mini Launcher also requires anchorage but the forces are much less so an anchor-less version is easier.

The Mini Launcher is made to a size that is kid-friendly with padding all around the platform in case of falls. Is it dangerous for kids? Less so than the swings in a park where there is no Kushion to catch them if they fall.


Length: 55′
Width: 23′
Height: 16′

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