Jungle Swingz

Jungle SwingZ for kids and the Super Jungle SwingZ for adults. Jungle SwingZ are monkey bars on steroids. Just high enough to give kids a thrill but not so high as to scare them off.

The dimensions are kid-friendly which means that even five-year olds can swing from bar-to-bar. When they’re swinging, their feet are just about 3′ above the top of the air bag mattress so injury is virtually impossible.

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Features & Variations

The Free-Standing Steel Stairs Model

Stell Rig
The steel rigging is a modern design requiring no anchors which is targeted for applications where anchors are not possible. The entire rig is raised with a couple of Tirfor hand winches. In terms of operation, the steel rig works the same as the AirRig model but is cheaper.

The Anchored Steel Stairs Model

Where anchors are able to be used, this model is cheaper than the free-standing model.

The Inflatable Stairs Model

Some countries have very strict regu lations with steel stairs and adhering to the regulations can be very expensive. Inflatable stairs are the answer.


Jungle Swingz

Length: 67′
Width: 23′ this can be reduced to 13′ by removing the anchors
Height: 18′

Super Jungle Swingz

Length: 93′
Width: (23′ this can be reduced to 13′ by removing the anchors
Height: 19′ 6″

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