BIG-Air Slide

The highest, fastest, scariest Inflatable Slide in the World…And you catch air!!

This is the slide that every kid in the world has wanted to slide on but nevercould because – without our patented Zero Shock™ technology using Krush Kushionz to dampen the landing, it was impossible to build before! Here’s the “kicker”, It’s the first slide in the world where catch air! It’s a flight of over 16ft while you drop over 6ft. And it’s the look on the faces of people as they come screaming out of the chute the first time that makes all the spectators gather around to hoot and holler.

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Features & Variations

Wet or Dry

The X-Slide can be a wet slide or a dry slide. If you order the wet model we add:

  • The run-off slide section at the bottom.
  • A water trap with submersible pump to recirculate the water.
  • A hose that leads the water back to the top fitted with a spray.
Front Stairs
  • 2 slides
  • Smaller footprint


A flight of 16′ long while you drop over 6′

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