The Battle Zone

Throughout history, a jousting beam, in one form or another, has provided wild entertainment and now for the first time ever, you have both the thrill of battling from great heights and the safety of falling on our Zero Shock™ air bag.

It starts off with families and friends combatting one another, but by the end of the day, it has become a free-for-all with everyone wanting to take down the ‘King-of-the-Hill’.

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Features & Variations

Weapons – Think up your own themed weapons and ask us for a price. The list below is what we currently use:

Jousting Sticks: small/large

Jousting Gloves


Length: 33′
Width: 31’6″
Height: 24′

But if you have limited space we can remove the stairs on one side which reduces the length to 29′

The Battle Zone in Action

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