Project Description:

Get ready to feel the Shock Wave!

This gigantic jump and slide combination interactive is shaped like a tidal wave and features two games in one.

The first set of steps takes you up to a gigantic jumping platform from which you leap into a Zero Shock™ jump pit.

Further up the second set of steps is a huge dry slide down into another Zero Shock™ landing pad or cushion.

The Tidal Wave combination jump pit and slide features our patented Zero Shock™ technology that consists of a series of pillar shaped cushions which create a super-soft and safe landing every time!

Zero Shock™ is a patented landing system based on a series of vertical pillar-shaped inflated air cylinders. The pillars act like huge shock absorbers and grouped together in a landing area they create a soft cushioning effect similar to jumping into water.

When the series of inflated pillars are landed on, they crumple at exactly the right speed to absorb the impact. This is based on the design of the pillars which allows for just the right amount of inflation. With too little air in them, they would crumple too quickly, and the impact of the jump would not be absorbed. With too much air, they would not collapse enough causing an impact from landing on an overly-inflated surface and possibly bouncing off.

The Zero Shock™ technology creates the correct amount of inflation in the air cushions to allow for the softest landing possible with maximum protection and no bounce! Safe, soft and Zero Shock™!