Project Description:

Climb, slide, swing and jump!

With so many ways to play, the Jungle Gym is the best new interactive multi-player combination unit for maximum fun.

It features four exciting challenges and three jump zones cushioned by our patented Zero-Shock™ technology.

  1. The first Jungle Gym challenge is a rock climbing wall that doesn’t require any harnesses or belay system. Don’t worry if you can’t scale the wall on your first try. There’s a super-soft Zero-Shock landing bag to cushion your fall.
  2. The second challenge is to climb the stairs to the top of the Jungle Gym and jump into the free-fall landing bag.
  3. The third challenge is to slide down the massive 15-foot slide.
  4. The fourth and final challenge is to grab the trapeze during the 3rd challenge, swing through the air, and land in the last Zero-Shock™ landing bag.

Are you up for the Jungle Gym challenge?