FreeFall Stunt Jump

Producing a FreeFall Stunt Jump event with a Zero Shock™ air bag system is the best way to captivate any crowd! It’s designed for the general public so whether it is a national multi-day event, or a side show, you will get long lines of participants waiting to give it a GO! The FreeFall experience is suitable for a wide range of participants from 5-75 years of age. Everyone can do it, and everyone will have a blast doing it!

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We Offer 3 Packages and 4 Bag Sizes

ZS Stunt jump 1 – This Comes With the Tower and One 20×27 Bag
ZS Stunt Jump 2 – This Comes With the Tower, One 20×27 Bag and One 14×15 Bag
ZS Stunt Jump 3 – This Comes With the Tower, One 20×27 Bag and Two 14×15 bags

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Inflatable Airbag

Bag Weight: 204lbs
Min Jumper Weight 40lbs
Max Jumper Weight 250lbs
Max Jump Platform Height 11′ Only 


Inflatable Stunt Bag


Inflatable Safety Bag

Bag Weight: 543lbs 


Inflatable Air Bag

Layout (top)

Freefall Stunt Jump

Layout (side)

Freefall Stunt Jump

FreeFall Stunt Jump Accessories & Equipment


- Replaceable Top sheet in standard colors (white, red, blue, yellow, black)
- 110v or 220v B-Air inflation blower(s)
- Certification for operators (headquarters in Azusa, CA)
- 2-year seam to seam warranty
- Safety signage
- Foam exit mat
- Storage bag & repair kit
- Logbook and operations manual
- Anchoring system (asphalt, snow, dirt, grass)


- Top sheet branding
- Side wall branding
- PromoFlags w/branding (top of mobile jump tower or left)
- Dye Sublimation branded banner for Mobile jump rig or scissor lift
- Monster Mover transport cart

We took the time to learn the techniques we use with the FreeFall Air Bag from stunt professionals such as Steve Wolf from the Stunt Ranch in Texas. Steve and his team rate the bag as nothing less than AWESOME and the softest and safest air bags ever designed.

See the guys at the Stunt Ranch testing the Zero Shock™ technology here!

FreeFall dropping is the newest extreme sport that everyone is talking about! It’s great for building confidence as well as producing massive amounts of adrenaline.

The FreeFall experience can be used along with our Mobile FreeFall hydraulic Stunt Jump Tower or a Scissor Lift. When you have space constraints and don’t have the room to install the Mobile Stunt Jump Tower, a scissor lift can be rented for a couple of hundred dollars a day in all cities across the country from local equipment rental companies. Scissor lifts can rise from 10′ for the younger kids up to nearly 30′ high for the adrenaline junkies. (Average rental rates range from $3,000 to $4,000 for a 4-5 hours event or $5-$8 per jump).

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